Pride for Youth Program Leaders

How to use finger cots and sex toys safely!



Everything you wanted to know about transgender people but were afraid to ask.

some people use “it” pronouns like obviously out of that context it is wildly offensive but its worth recognizing

Manny and Mookie talk about how to use lube effectively for safe and enjoyable sex.

Internal Condoms

Check it out! How to use an internal condom!

How to use a condom!
Dental Dams

Check out our Program Leaders teaching everybody how to use a dental dam! Subscribe to our youtube channel!

Teens And Teachers Not Getting Sex-ed Training: New Standards Needed?
The Normal Heart

Great play turned into a movie about the begining of the AIDS crisis. This is a must watch. Read our review here…

Jessica Urbina wears tuxedo in senior picture

Can females wear tuxedos in their school pictures? YES!!! Read more here!